Deep Dungeons of Doom

I was pretty exited when Saint11 and Amora over StudioMiniboss called me over to help on DDD’s design, after all, they are pretty much one of my favorite developers all time.  When DDD reached me, most of the gameplay was already there but the level design, gameplay balancing, and system balancing were yet far from done. It was a very interesting project not only for the game itself which has so many nice features but also because working with such passionate and talented devs as the Minibosses made it an amazing experience.

Project Info

Name: Deep Dungeons of Doom
Developer: Studio MiniBoss
Publisher: Bossa Studios
Genre: Dungeon crawler
Release: 11th April 2013 on OUYA and 4th June 2013 on iOS
Development: Around 6 months
Platform: PC, iOS and Android.

My role: Game, level and system design.