Popoyo’s Space Epic Adventure

I’m stuck with the idea of crafting a board game with a rearrangeable board, as in The Settlers of Catan, but I wish to make it in a way that it resets itself during the game. Except for the board itself, the game would not be too innovative or fancy; probably using a simple expansion mechanic powered by a simple resource system based on cards. 

Together with part of Popoyo Team [which is composed by Maíra Testa, Theo Tanaka, Gabriel Camelo and myself], we could evolve the concept a lot.

For now, each player has spaceships which must be taken to the center of the galaxy in order to win. Board is composed by ‘rings’ that rotate to opposed directions each turn.

Each player has a color that represent its Popoyo species. All Popoyos are in conflict, fighting for galaxy domination and, according to an ancient Popoyo tradition, the tribe that gets first to the center of the galaxy will rule for the next thousand years.

Popoyos are not violent creatures, so there is no direct conflict between players’ fleet, but they are very lazy and technology underdeveloped, so players must constantly rely on planet’s resources to continue moving.

Soon, I´ll post more about Popoyo’s project gameplay and board since those aspects are still under development.