Road trip – Car vs Cars

This game was on development for a while when I joined Best, Cool & Fun Games and all core mechanics were defined. However, very little level design and none of the economic progression was done. So I made most level design, which took about 2 months.

One interesting thing about this level design is that we made “levels” based on player’s progression. This level defines the kind and difficulty of the road player is going to face. In this way, he starts at level 0, and when he passes through the first road segment, he is on level 1; passing 2 road segments leads to level 2 and so on. Each level has between 20 and 40 possible road segments variation, each segment with around 10 miles. That was the best solution we found for setting a nice and smooth difficulty increase.

Project Info

Name: Road Rog
Developer: Best, Cool & Fun Games
Genre: Infinite racer
Platform: Mobile, iOS and Android
Release: July 2 2012
Development: About 8 months

My role: Level design.