MRC6-454 is a space themed game, focused mostly on exploration with some shooting and with a non linear stage design. Game sets around bounty hunter Rachel E., who takes an apparently easy job of looking for survivors inside a space research base named MRC6-454 and ends ups trapped inside of it. In order to set herself free, Rachel must understand some of the tech researched on the facility and use it on her favor while surviving its security system. MRC6-454 is a minigame Thais had to develop for some reason in five days. Danilo and Thommaz had some time to spare and helped with their specialties: art and music.

The whole game was actually made in four days and, though it has a completely different fell and pacing, it used as its programming base much of Oniken code. So we though it would be fair to release it together with Oniken, as a gift.

Project Info

Name: MRC6-454
Developer: JoyMasher
Genre: Platform focused on exploration
Release: June 20
Development: Four days
Platform: PC

My role: All game and level design.

**Featured image is a fanart by Allan Escobar