Sky Castle was a [flying] castle manager game, in which player took the role of a surrogate king/queen and should, someday, be crowned. In order to do so, she had to make Sky Castle, a small castle in the top of a flying island, very prosper. This could be achieved by constructing new rooms, collecting rents, making items and spells and, obviously, promoting parties.

Player was guided by a witty fairy secretary, which helped her through the game and gave her quests. There was two monetary systems (coins and mana), player level progression, rooms upgrades, items, spells and events mechanics and also foes to spice things up.

This is a very special project for me and it was really hard to see it being canceled, even more for being canceled due a staff shortage. When I came to BCFG, this was my first project and, since then, the most timing consuming and intence I’ve worked since in that company. After Sky Castle received its fate, I realized that so many good work was put on it to just let it disappear quietly and decided to not let it die, at least, not completely. So, for now on, I’ll write some of the learning I had making Sky Castle [which you can check bellow] using Sky Castle own material.

I shall emphasize, though, Sky Castle never made to the First Playable [even though it was very close] and, as so, I could never truly tweaked its systems to achieve a neat balance, so it might have many inconsistencies as it is.

Project Info

Name: Sky Castle
Developer: Best, Cool & Fun Games
Genre: Cute Manager, Room Clicker
Platform: Mobile, iOS and Android
Release: Canceled
Development: About 3 months, 5 people
My role: All game design, system balancing and narrative background

** All SkyCastle arts were made by the amazing LumiMae.