Rococo VR

Rococo was one of my first pitches when I got to Black River Studios. It was intended to be an investigation game with mini games, like Ace Attorney, with a much more light hearted tone. I wasn’t picked up as a game project but the proposed visual style intrigued our Art Director that decided to turn it on an Art Demo.

After the Art Demo was in place, management decided to release it as a Oculus Concept project. We had an extra month to repurpose Rococo to be more streamlined and offer a full experience, with beginning, development and ending. Now Rococo VR places the player as Mr. Black, a self made man that has been poisoned amidst a party and has his last seconds of life to discover who killed him.


Name: Rococo VR
Genre: VR experience
Devs: Black River Studio
Platform: Samsung Gear VR
Development: around 4 months
Testing: Only through events in which it is displayed.

My role: Core concept of the art demo version, planning, producing and design* of the latest version.

*Shared responsibility with the amazing Mamoru Miyagawa.